Rusty Spoon to Silver: An Artist’s Memoir

Bertie Stroup Marah

Had the bullet not missed her heart by one-sixteenth of an inch this story would not have been told.

RUSTY SPOON TO SILVER is a story of artist, Bertie Stroup Marah who, along with her four siblings, spent her childhood in abject poverty moving from sawmill shacks, tents, trailers and even an abandoned railroad car in the isolated desert and mountainous hard scrabble areas of New Mexico. Bertie tells her story through the innocent eyes of her childhood while being raised by neglectful alcoholic parents.

The children make the best of their tumultuous existence by creating games and diversions that Bertie describes with humor and heart. Bertie spends most of her life playing the role of family caregiver to her two younger sisters and peacemaker to her sometimes hell-raising parents.

Unable to afford college, Bertie marries and moves to Colorado. She must work to help support her two boys, all the while continuing to repress her natural creative gift and desire to become an artist. This, along with a failed marriage brought about acute clinical depression, a failed suicide attempt, a miraculous second chance, and ultimately redemption and success to become a nationally recognized, award-winning artist.

This is an inspiring story about family, love, and resiliency told with compassion, honesty, and pride.

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